What Is Spindle Cell Sarcoma in Dogs?

Spindle cell sarcoma in humans arises from the connective tissue and is made up of cancer cells that are spindle in shape. But, what is spindle cell sarcoma in dogs? The type of cancer is just the same. The difference is the predominant origin of the tumor.

For humans, the usual location of the tumor is in the uterus of a mother. In dogs, it is commonly found in the limbs. But, the cancer may also arise in the dogs mouth and the dogs spleen because of the diversity of the spindle cells in the body.

Characteristics of the Spindle Cell Sarcoma in Dogs

Unlike in humans, the cancer is usually low grade among canines. They usually do not metastasize and form secondary tumors. It is why this low grade dog cancer commonly has a good prognosis.

If the low grade dog cancer arises in the limbs, the typical symptoms are pain and swelling. If the sarcoma invades adjacent structures, this may also cause functional problems in the limbs of the canines.

Treating Spindle Cell Sarcoma

Treatment in dogs is not the same as in humans. But, they also share same treatment techniques such as radiotherapy and surgical removal. Both for humans and dogs, they favor radical surgical removal of the tumor and it will be followed up by radiotherapy.

Chemotherapy is not an advisable treatment in dogs. Veterinarians noticed that dogs don’t respond well to the said treatment. It is why wide amputation of the part of the body is more suggested.

Prognosis and Life Expectancy of Dogs

The prognosis of the treatment is good because it usually doesn’t metastasize. Although it is like that, spindle cell sarcoma is more likely to recur. The rate of recurrence of low grade tumor is 25%, after removal of the surgery. For high grade, the rate of recurrence is 62%.

After the recurrence of the tumor that is low grade, the life expectancy that the dog will have ranges from 2 to 4 years. On the other hand, if the dog suffered from a high grade tumor and it recurs, the life expectancy is only around 49 weeks.

Some spindle cell sarcoma of dogs is healed even without treatment is done. Doctors still don’t know why it happens. But they believe that it is due to lymphocytes, which battle the cancer cells.

How To Take Care Of Your Pet

The tumor is really very itchy and painful. To prevent your dog from experiencing this, keep it from being scratched, licked, bitten, or rubbed. If you let those things happen, the tumor will be itchier and may become inflamed and ulcerated. Because of this, it may be infected by other kinds of microorganisms.

Since the tumor is not only found in the limbs, be sure to check every body part of your dog. The next predominant areas are the dogs spleen and dogs mouth. But of course, it can also originate in other areas of the body that is why you should keep an eye on it.